Talent Acquisition Partner Salary in the UK [2024 Update]

Talent acquisition partners are some of the best-paid recruiters, with a base pay starting at £37,000. The exact amount can be higher, depending on several factors. Stick around as we give you an insight into the latest Talent Acquisition Partner salary in the UK.

What Is a Talent Acquisition Partner’s Salary?

On average, a recruiter can expect to earn a base annual salary between £37K and £54K, according to Glassdoor UK. This is impressive, but it can be significantly higher when combined with commissions and bonuses. According to our reports, franchise recruiters who operate using the Recruiter Startup model earn between £40K and £100K!

While a recruiter’s base pay may be augmented with compensation and bonuses, there are other income routes. For example, roles usually include other perks like stock options, retirement savings plans, and unlimited vacation days, which can make the overall package even more attractive.

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So, if you’re considering a role as a talent acquisition partner, it’s clear that there’s significant earning potential. With salaries often sitting in the mid-to-upper five-figure range or even higher, it’s certainly a financially rewarding career choice.

While the financial remunerations of a talent acquisition partner are appealing, it’s a position that comes with several roles and responsibilities.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Partner Do?

Talent acquisition consultants play a crucial role in shaping a company’s workforce. They are the backbone of the recruitment process, acting not just as recruiters but also as strategists, consultants, and relationship builders.

Their job is to identify, attract, and bring on board high-quality talent. They employ various strategies to ensure they find the right individuals who not only possess the desired skills and experience but also align with the company’s culture and values. To achieve this, they often look beyond immediate vacancies, focusing on the long-term needs and growth of the organisation.

But their work doesn’t stop at recruitment. They also work closely with hiring managers, who are typically the ones to make the final decisions on hiring and managing the recruits. This involves understanding the hiring manager’s needs, facilitating the hiring process, and ensuring a smooth transition for new employees.

In a way, talent acquisition partners act as a bridge between potential candidates and the hiring company, ensuring both parties’ needs are met. They play a vital role in promoting the company’s image as an employer, influencing not just who gets hired but how the outside world perceives the company as a place to work.

Factors That Influence a Talent Partner’s Salary

The following factors will determine how much you can earn as a talent acquisition partner:

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  • Organisation Size: Larger organisations typically offer higher salaries than smaller ones. Talent acquisition partners at big multinational corporations can earn above £55K. At smaller companies, the range is more likely £35,000 to £55,000. Mid-size organisations tend to fall somewhere in between these two estimates.
  • Location: Urban areas like London or Manchester tend to pay talent acquisition professionals higher salaries compared to rural areas, where the cost of living is lower. The jobs based in expensive cities come with higher paychecks, meaning bigger commissions.
  • Experience: Talent acquisition salaries increase significantly with years on the job. Entry-level roles generally start around £23,000. After 5+ years, salaries exceed £37,000 and may reach over £51,000 for senior talent acquisition leaders with 10–15 years under their belt.
  • Industry: Some industries simply pay higher across all roles. Jobs in finance, technology, pharmaceuticals and professional services often offer higher compensation packages. This applies to talent acquisition partners as well. On the flip side, nonprofit organisations and underperforming industries with lower revenue pay below the average.
  • Performance: Talent acquisition is a metrics-driven job, so top performers get paid more. If you consistently fill more open roles, hire faster or source better candidates than your peers, you can get higher pay — base + commission.

So, if you’re an experienced recruiter looking to maximise your earnings potential, target talent acquisition roles at large corporations or well-funded startups in urban metro areas within high-paying industries. Remember, you need to demonstrate strong metrics to command the highest salaries.

Continue reading for a proper breakdown of a talent partner’s salary based on roles.

Salary Ranges for Different Talent Acquisition Roles

The earning potential of a talent acquisition partner is quite strong in the UK.

Here’s a quick overview of typical base salaries and commission structures for different roles per year:

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Entry-Level Recruiter:

  • Base Salary: £23,896
  • Commission: 10–30% of salary for each placement

Recruitment Consultant:

  • Base Salary: £33,113
  • Commission: 10–30% of salary for each placement

Senior Recruitment Consultant:

  • Base Salary: £51,155
  • Commission: 10–30% of salary for each placement

Talent Acquisition Partner:

  • Base Salary: £54,000
  • Commission: 10–30% of salary for each placement

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner’s Salary in the UK:

  • Base Salary: £64,687
  • Commission: 10–30% of salary for each placement

In summary, base salaries rise fairly quickly into the £65K for experienced recruiters and talent acquisition partners. But there’s always the opportunity to earn more by operating your own remote recruitment desk/agency.

As a self-employed recruiter, you have more control over your time and how much commission you earn. What’s more? You can save yourself the hassle and recruitment agency startup costs by opting for Recruiter Startup’s model. Our franchise recruiters earn up to 90% of all placement fees, amounting to between £40K and £100K annually.

The Recruiter Startup program helps you fast-track your career with leads, training and support. If you’re interested in working as an independent recruiter with the backing of a company that understands how the recruitment industry works, contact us now to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do talent partners make in the UK?

Talent partners in the United Kingdom earn an average salary of £50,283 per year. However, their total compensation isn’t limited to this base salary. They can expect additional cash compensation, which averages around £5,899 annually, although this can vary, ranging from £3,226 to £10,786.

Thus, the cumulative financial reward for a talent partner in the UK not only includes their salary but also these extra benefits, making the role both challenging and financially rewarding.

How much do talent acquisition partners make in London?

Talent acquisition partners in London earn between £45,140 and £80,520 per year. This range is influenced by variations in experience, industry, and company size. London, being a major business hub, offers lucrative compensation for this vital role in human resources.

How much does a people and talent partner get paid?

A people and talent partner in the United Kingdom earns an average salary of £50,283 per year. On top of this, they can also expect to receive additional cash compensation, which on average amounts to £5,899 annually.


With the right experience and skills, a talent acquisition partner’s salary can be as high as 50K+ annually if working for a reputable organisation in a good location. While this is a decent income, salary prospects will likely only continue to grow, considering that the demand for great recruiters is on the rise.

However, did you know that you achieve a similar income or more as a franchise recruiter working from the comfort of your home? Our latest reports show that our franchise recruiters earn between £40K and £100K per year. So, if you’re considering a pivot to a remote TA role or just starting in the field and want significant control over your working hours, contact us now to learn more.

Daniel has an operations background and has been working in the Recruitment and Payroll sector for over 15 years. Daniel started with Additional Resources in 2010, now managing Business Operations, IT, and Contractor services.

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