Want to start your own recruitment desk?

We support you starting your own recruitment business from home, we provide all the advice and resources required to start your own desk.

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Start your own Recruitment Desk with our Recruiter Startup Model

With the Recruiter Startup Model, you can launch your own recruitment desk within the framework of an established recruitment agency. We equip you with a complete suite of resources and all the business tools to set up your own successful recruitment desk.

You can be an experienced recruiter or motivated individual with no recruitment experience, either way with our expert training and support services you can build a thriving recruitment business partnering with us.

Benefit from our 25 years’ experience in the recruitment agency, our cutting-edge platform, coupled with a dedicated team and guaranteed unparalleled support to help you achieve success.

Our Service

 We provide everything you need to get your recruitment business off to a flying start – think about it as a “complete turnkey solution”.


Access to a cloud-based desktop, email, Microsoft 365, CV databases, a state of the art CRM and IT support. 


We have an established network of clients for you to work with, guaranteed leads to work on each month, fee opportunities allowing you to become profitable quickly. 


You will receive thorough training on our system, how to structure your day, build relationships and how to increase your revenue. 


Admin, job posting, CV searching, invoicing, credit control, payroll and insurances.

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Benefits of the Recruiter Startup Model VS. Starting a Business on Your Own

Business development

Business Development & Guaranteed Leads

Active client network, trusted by customers, established brand, a stream of live jobs to work on, a guaranteed number of leads each month sourced by our team.

VERSUS setting up on your own

Consistently generating new business, identifying high quality leads for successful placement fee conversions, engaging in persistent cold calling and email outreach, sourcing potential client prospects, and dedicating substantial time to attending events instead of focusing solely on recruitment.
Training and support

Training & Support

Comprehensive training and guidance from an experienced team, dedicated support to help you grow your desk, mentoring to maximize your desks success.

Versus setting up on your own

Channeling efforts into business management rather than earning money, working alone, striving to maintain motivation with the absence of guidance and advice, tackling all administrative and time consuming tasks, whilst juggling all responsibilities single handedly.

Advanced Technology Platform

Cutting edge technology with access to a cloud based virtual desktop offering seamless remote access, a state-of-the-art recruitment CRM, backed by expert IT support.

versus setting up on your own

Investing in the build of a company website, seeking out a reliable IT provider, acquiring costly software licenses without the safety net of technical support for bug fixes or system upgrades, shelling out funds for CV databases, and committing to a substantial annual expenditure in the thousands.
Finance and accounting

Back Office Support & Accounting

Premier back office support with all administrative tasks, CV searching, job advertising, invoicing, credit control, payroll, timesheets, legal and business insurances.

Versus setting up on your own

How do I register a recruitment company? What should my start-up capital be? How does VAT work? What do I do for a CV database, What do I do if my IT and CV database go down? How do I make sure I am spending time efficiently? How do I manage clients that don't pay? What insurances do I need to operate? How do I file the necessary papaerwork?

I’m interested, what are the next steps?

Recruitment Franchise

A franchise enables you to set up your own recruitment business within the framework of a larger, established organisation. A recruitment franchise partnership enables you to hit the ground running. You’ll need to work hard to develop a successful business, but you’ll work for yourself,  choose your working hours and decide how to balance your work with your personal life, so that you can enjoy both.


There are very low set up costs as it is a home based business, you will need a computer
or laptop and a phone number, this can be a UK mobile number or UK Skype number if
you are outside of the UK.

We know what it’s like to start and build your own desk, we are on hand every
step of the way to make sure you receive all the support you need:

  • Admin and operations support
  • Business Development
  • Expert training, mentoring and coaching
  • Accounting and finance support

We have around 40 Associates across the UK and 2 based outside of the UK, all of which
have their own clients to work with, so there is no conflict.

Yes, you receive lots of training we do screen shares to show you the system and how to
use the business tools, we give you tips on how to manage your time, how to build
relationships, how to interview and how to increase your revenue. We will support you with
your vacancies, so you know exactly what to do.

As part of our process, after you have spoken to our Head Office team, we offer the
chance to speak to an Associate currently working with us so you can ask them questions
about Additional Resources Recruiter Startup yourself.

One of the main differences between us and traditional franchise models is that there is no large initial investment of tens of thousands of pounds.

Our fee starts from £825 + VAT paid monthly.

We do ask for the first 4 months upfront to ensure commitment from joining Associates, so that we are able to provide a professional service to our clients. During the 4 months you will be able to get the best from our system and all that it offers as well as see a return on your investment, the most important part!

There is a government backed loan that is available for people to apply for to cover the
initial fee and some early costs.

You earning potential is uncapped, the sky is the limit we will encourage you to grow your desk as big as you can.

Depending on hours worked and efforts on average Associates make between 2 to 5 placements a month.

This equates to £40K – £100k per year.

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