Want To Start Your Own Recruitment Desk?

We can help you set up your recruitment desk quickly and smoothly without the daunting prospect of doing it completely alone, with a higher success rate of succeeding.

Our Recruitment Agency 

Since first starting in July 1999, Additional Resources has gained 25 years’ experience within the recruitment industry. We are a generalist agency and recruit for leading firms all over the UK.

We have a diverse network of recruitment consultants who act on behalf of employers looking to fill their vacancies and candidates seeking a new job. We are a recruitment company focused on delivering a professional and thorough approach to the hiring needs of our clients operating in different industries.

We supply candidates for permanent, contract and temporary positions.

How the Recruiter Startup Model launched. 

Additional Resources had a passion to provide motivated, entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to start their own recruitment business without the hassle of writing a business plan, setting up a registered company or understanding tax, benefits, and legal structures a business owner needs to know, all of which can be very overwhelming.

Our Recruiter Startup Model allows you to work within the framework of an established agency, receive unwavering support from our head office team, have access to the latest technology, receive regular training on recruitment best practices and get introduced to clients to work with from day one.

Our model is designed to empower those wanting to go it alone, to embrace the flexibility of home working, take charge as their own boss, and receive the lion’s share of the revenue they generate.

We understand the challenges of starting your own recruitment business:

How do I register a recruitment company?

Do I go Ltd?

How does VAT work?

How do I file my accounts?

What do I do for a database?

How do I get contracts in place with the leading UK job Boards and how must does that cost?

What do I do if my IT and database go down?

How do I manage cash flow and how much money do I need?

Our model involves minimum set up costs and allows you to focus on what really matters – placing candidates in your clients vacancies. This helps to ensure that you not only start making a profit early on,  but also that you don’t become one of the 60% that fail.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on the following principles:


We’re steadfastly committed to offering top-tier support, training, and expertise, ensuring you have everything you need to excel in the recruitment industry. Our comprehensive approach to service means that you’re always equipped with the right resources, knowledge, and guidance to reach your objectives.


We firmly believe in staying ahead of the curve by providing you access to cutting-edge technology, a tailor-made CRM system, and the most advanced recruitment tools available. By remaining at the forefront of industry innovations, we empower you to stay competitive and succeed in your recruitment venture.


We understand the paramount importance of trust and reliability in business relationships. That’s why we always keep our promises and consistently follow through on our commitments. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity is the foundation of our long-lasting partnerships and the key to fostering a thriving and dependable recruitment network.


We aim to foster a proactive and high-performing environment that inspires dedication, driving you to achieve exceptional results in your recruitment venture. By offering constant support, encouragement, and a collaborative atmosphere, we empower you to reach your full potential and significantly impact the recruitment industry.

Meet the Team

Tracy Smith-Malone

Tracy Smith-Malone

Associate Recruitment Manager
Daniel Cooke

Daniel Cooke

Holly Jaques

Holly Jaques

Elaine Carter

Elaine Carter

Associate Recruitment Manager
Tracy Smith-Malone

Tracy Smith-Malone

Associate Recruitment Manager

Why Join Recruiter Startup?

By joining Recruiter Startup, you can create your own recruitment business under the umbrella of a renowned and established agency.

Here are some of the perks you stand to enjoy when you sign up on Recruiter Startup:

Thriving Community

Join our thriving community across the UK and beyond who enjoy an exceptional work-life balance while growing their business.

We currently have around 40 associates, each with their clientele, ensuring no competition among our members. After speaking with our Head Office team, we offer the opportunity to chat with an existing associate, allowing you to ask them questions about Recruiter Startup and the entire Additional Resources team from their perspective.


Unlike traditional franchise models that require a substantial initial investment, our monthly fee is just £825 plus VAT. We request the first four months upfront to guarantee commitment from our associates, ensuring we deliver a professional service to our clients. During this period, you’ll have ample time to maximise our system’s benefits and earn a return on your investment.

Transparency and Unlimited Earning Potential

There are no additional costs; the £825 + VAT fee covers all our services and access to our desktop. Individuals can use a government-backed loan to cover the initial fee and some early costs.

Furthermore, your earning potential is unlimited, as we encourage you to grow your desk as much as possible. Our associates typically bill between £40K and £100K per year, depending on their work ethic and dedication.

Join Recruiter Startup today and experience the benefits of being part of an innovative, supportive and successful community while growing your thriving recruitment business.

How to Reach Us

To get started, email us at recruiterstartup@additionalresources.net or call us on 01277 822668. We’ll be thrilled to welcome you into the Recruiter Startup family and guide you on your journey to success in the recruitment industry.

I’m interested. What are the next steps?

Email us at: recruiterstartup@additionalresources.net
Or call us on: 01277 822668